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REAL TALK NY: Jay-z Rehearsal Concert Review with Videos

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Jay-z Rehearsal Concert Review with Videos

Its Finally time to give the low down on the Jay-z Reasonable concerts. This will be part one which will cover the first concert, called a rehearsal, at Nokia Times Square Theater. This was a real top secret concert, I found out from a source the concert was going happen Saturday night, the day before. I found out around 1p.m. on Friday and was told tickets go on sale at 5p.m. that day for over a hundred dollars. I was like damn Jay-z can a brother get a break on the price, but I still wanted to go because I know it would be the only way to be front row. So 5 o'clock comes and ticketmaster doesn't even work, I call Nokia and they say its sold out, I was like wtf. Well anyway I am chilling Saturday not expecting to go and I see 2 tickets on sale for 100 on ebay, clicked buy it now with the quickness.
So I know this concert will be first come first serve, so I get there at 5 even though doors open 8p.m., probably like 10 people ahead of me. It was cool though chilling on the line making jokes, seen Jay-z Maybach parked across the street, Guru chilling in front of us, Foxy Brown came by looking a wreck but at least she can hear. After a while the line got crazy, mad people were trying to skip, but had to bring out the sad faces and go to the back. Jin was out there on the line spitting all the Jay-z lyrics he knows, I should of battled but there is only one fight club. So we get in 8.p.m. I am in the front row standing mad long like damn, Jay-z ain't grace the stage until 10p.m. But after the concert started all was forgotten and the crowd went crazy from start to finish. The Curtains went up revealing a full orcheastra along with Questlove on the drums and Just Blaze dj-ing. You can see the intro and clips of the performances in the videos below. After completing his album Jay-z acted like he was done then came back and asked if we ready for overtime, he then went through a long list of hits. From best of you to What more can I say, the hits kept coming. This was a great concert and whoever was in attendacne should consider themselves lucky.