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REAL TALK NY: January 2007

Friday, January 19, 2007

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REAL TALK NY: January 2007

Pics: Smokin Aces Premiere, Jay-Z At Brooklyn Nets Meeting, More DreamGirls Premiere Pics

Smokin Aces Premiere

Alica Keys & Her Mother

Kanye West & His Fiance

Jay-Z At Brooklyn Nets Meeting

More DreamGirls Premiere Pictures

REAL TALK NY: January 2007

1-19-07: Oprah is Worth 1.5 BILLION!/ Jim Jones and Zeeky Video Interview

List of the 20 Richest Women In Entertainment. Link

Article about Nike's new commercial with Juelz Santana and Just Blaze. Link

Video: Jim Jones & Freeky Zeeky on Smack DVD 12, Part 1 & Part 2.

Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff Asks 50 Cent, Jay-Z & Gotti Bros To Testify At His Murder Trial. Link

Jay-Z & Russell Simmons Eat Kosher, Help Fight Anti-Semitism. Link

Mobb Deep's Prodigy Plans Two New Albums With Koch. Link

Hip-Hop Starts Off The New Year Strong. Link

Picture of Ciara on the cover of King Magazine. Link

Game, Nas & Will.I.Am on the cover of XXL Scratch

Game Visitng a Radio Station

Beyonce At Another DreamGirls Premiere

REAL TALK NY: January 2007

New Kelis Video Feat. Cee Lo - Little Star

REAL TALK NY: January 2007

Thursday, January 18, 2007

New Tru Life Jay-Z Diss by JR Writer & Camron

Camron & JR Writer dissing Tru Life and Jay-Z(Radio Rip For Now)

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REAL TALK NY: January 2007

Audio: 50 Cent Hot 97 Interview 1-18-07

Props to Dat BK Nicca for parts 3-7, I was going to do the whole thing myself but Hot 97 was taking too long.
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8

50 Cent states him and Game won't be friends due to disrespect and hes gets a quarter of every million he makes.

Had this to say about Ja Rule, I didn't go door to door telling people not to like ja rule and that you can't convince the public to like something that they already turned down.

Says hes the only artist that owns a publishing company.

Says this about Jay-Z saying yall respect who got shot I respect the shooters:
"Initially when he heard it he was like, what the hell was that, he said it could easily been his issue with Camron. He goes on to say it's too indirect and even if it was, it would be punk move if it was towards him."

Talks About Diddy and Mase situation

50 Cent says he can't understand how Jay-Z and Nas is cool now.

Says Quincy Jones called Chris Lighty to get 50 Cent to back off of Oprah

Says Kanye gets the trophies and he gets the checks. Says he worked for him on the Game's album

REAL TALK NY: January 2007

1-18-07: DJ Drama Released, Suge Getting Sued, T.I. Getting Married?

Krs One- Nas Tribute

According to Sandra Rose, T.I. will soon set a date to marry Tiny, and Tiny may be pregnant. Link (Pic by GearShift.Tv)

DJ Drama & DJ Don Cannon Released From Jail, Post $100,000 Bond. Link

Lil Wayne Responds To DJ Drama's Mixtape Bust. Link

Mary J Blige blames former employees for divorce rumors. Link

Probation Officials Give Foxy Brown Good Report, New CD Hits Stores In Weeks. So it looks like Foxy's Black Roses album will finally hit stores. Link

Nate Dogg is suing Suge Knight for over 10 million dollars in owed royalty money, he claims demands for his money were met with threats of violence. Link

Audio: Tom Joyner show talks about Ray-J tapping Whitney Houston and the Ray-J sex tape. Link

Video: Yesterday's NBA top ten plays, Lebron with a behind he back shot and Kobe dunked on Duncan. Link

Mike Jones next album due out in April. Link

Will.I.Am gets people arrested for posting youtube videos of his shows, thats mad lame. Link

RIAA Speaks On DJ Drama Raid: 'We Enforce Our Rights' Link

Juelz Santana & Just Blaze - The Second Coming

Some New Ciara Pics, see more at SincerelyCiara

Reggie Bush @ Photoshoot(More Pics)

Eve @ a Mac event

Pictures of LL Cool J @ TRL

REAL TALK NY: January 2007

Dame Dash Says Kingdom Done Wasn't A Diss

Dame Dash Says Kingdom Done Wasn't a Diss

Here is part 2 of the AllHipHop Dame Dash interview, he talks about the Jay-Z beef, his thoughts on Kingdom Come and the music industry. Also another video, Talking about Lost Ones .

So what do you guys think, he states that skit on Kingdom Done was recorded months ago, does that change your opinion on the man? I don't really think he started beef with Jay-Z, wouldn't make sense for him to, but you never know.

REAL TALK NY: January 2007

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ray J Taking Notes From R Kelly?/ Blacks Told To Get Over Slavery

There are rumors of a sex tape with Ray-J and Kim Kardashian, with some R Kellyesque activites going on. Link

Virginia State Legislator Tells Black People To Get Over Slavery, here are quotes from ABC news:
Republican delegate Frank D. Hargrove, in comments published Tuesday in The Daily Progress of Charlottesville, Va., said slavery ended nearly 140 years ago with the Civil War and added: "I personally think that our black citizens should get over it."

The newspaper also quoted the 79-year-old lawmaker as saying: "Are we going to force the Jews to apologize for killing Christ?"

Full Story

Latino Advocate Says America to Blame for Illegal Aliens Turning to Crime. According to the advocate:

When questioned about how living in America is responsible for them becoming serial lawbreakers, Diaz stood by his remarks, arguing that conservative Catholic values learned in Mexico start to break down once immigrants are in the U.S.

Diaz pointed to an increase in teen pregnancies and broken homes in the immigrant community and also blasted the wearing of baggy pants.
Full Story

Diana Ross claims to be too busy to see "Dreamgirls." Link

Being Rich & Famous may not be as Great as People Think, Lindsay Lohan Enters Rehab. Link

Brothers on the cast of I Love New York looking mad suspect

REAL TALK NY: January 2007

Video: Dame Dash Tells About His Departure From Music

REAL TALK NY: January 2007

Diddy is Making Another Band, This Time A Boy Band

Diddy is getting ready for Making The Band 4. He is currently on an open call tour all over the U.S. Check the link for when the tour is in your area. If you can't make it to a tour stop, you can upload a video of your audition here. Diddy's first 2 groups flopped, while Danity Kane has had surprising success. I don't know how entertaining season 4 will be with all guys, tisk tisk. Where is 112 by the way?

Full Story

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REAL TALK NY: January 2007

Pictures & Videos From Nas Concert At Hard Rock Cafe 1-17-06

Concert was taped for MTV in Times Square at the Hard Rock Cafe. L.A. Reid was in the building as well as Chrisette Michele to help Nas perform Can't Forget About You. Let me say NY was FREEZING, got there early and I was turning into ice, then people came and said we can watch the concert going on before Nas, Gym Class Heroes, and still be in front of the line for the Nas concert. I definitely got lucky, because outside was brick and I had mad time left to do nothing. Gym Class Heroes was ok, I like that song Cupid that they got and what the hell it was free.

After that concert, I lined up for the Nas concert and of course people were trying to skip, it didn't matter, i was still front row like usual. Chrisette Michele looks better that what other people would have lead me to believe, I want to see what she has to offer on her album. Concert was nice, No Cormega and Foxy like the Nokia concert, but the concert was still hot, you can watch the video and judge for yourself.

Nas ft. Chrisette Michele - Can't Forget About You

Nas - One Mic

Nas - Still Dreaming

Nas - You're Da Man & Black Republicans

REAL TALK NY: January 2007

Nas, Kanye West, KRS One & Rakim Peform At Air Force 1 Anniv.

REAL TALK NY: January 2007

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

1-17-07 Today's News

Fabolous Ft. Lil Wayne-Diamonds On My Chain

The RIAA ain't playing games, they arrested DJ Drama & DJ Cannon yesterday, they consficated tens of thousands of bootleg cd's made for sale on the internet. Watch out you may be next. Link

Rocawear is accused of using dog fur. Link

The Source Sends Cease & Desist Letter To Hip Hop Weekly. Link , I got one from soundscan last week.

Common Addresses Haters, "[The Gap Commercial] Is Exposure To A Whole Other Crowd"
Link interviews Dame Dash, here is a exceprt about Jay-Z:

Dame Dash: Again, Jay’s a Black man, an African-American, and I wish any African-American good luck. It’s not diplomacy, it’s about the fact that as a culture, we don’t stick together, and that’s the problem. So even if somebody’s scumbagging me, I’m not gonna scumbag them back. I want that dude to be successful so that he can be another ambassador of our community, so that people can say “Oh, a Black kid did his thing.” I’m not gonna sit there and say what he did... I’m sure in his mind he thought he was right. That’s really where it stays. Me, I'm cut from a different cloth; I'm not like that. Everyone can be cut from any cloth that they want, I just choose to be around people from a cloth like myself.
Full Interview

Latest from The Game's trial for impersonating an officer. Link

Jacob the Jeweler is calling on his celebrity clients to testify as defense witnesses at his upcoming federal money-laundering trial. Link

NeYo is working on his second album. Link

Jamie Foxx says only black people can use the word n****r. Link

Rumors of Whitney trying to exhale with Ray-J. Link

REAL TALK NY: January 2007

1-16-07 Today's News

Chamillionaire Feat.Kelis-Not A Criminal(First Single off Next Album, "Ultimate Victory")

Young Jeezy feat. Jim Jones - I Luv It(remix)

Kanye West- I Still Love Her(Just His Verse)


Recap of the Golden Globe awards. Link

Video of Jennifer Hudson winning her award. Link

Def Jam is reportedly close to announcing the "Takeover" tour, which will allegedly offer Jay-Z, Luda, Rick Ross, Nas, Ghostface, Fab, and maybe Jeezy and Jada.Link

Label Owner Files $900 Million Lawsuit Against Condoleeza Rice For "Rap Profiling."

Jamie Foxx jokes on mad people. Link

Jim Jones Helps NYC Students, Tops The Charts. Link

Timbaland is accused of swagger jacking. Link

Paula Abdul looking drunk on a TV interview. Link

Video: Yesterdays top 10 NBA plays. Link

Chris Webber becomes a Piston. Link

SNL: Trump vs Rosie skit. Link

Serius Jones is signed to DTP. Link

Based On True Stories From The Streets and called "...a fierce and gripping new film" by The New York Times, Film Premieres Saturday, January 20 at 10 p.m.

Naomi Campbell Pleads Guilty In Assault Case. Link

Rihanna at the beach again

REAL TALK NY: January 2007

Monday, January 15, 2007

Common and Will.I.Am Freestyle on Rap City 1/15/06

REAL TALK NY: January 2007