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REAL TALK NY: November 2006

Thursday, November 30, 2006

12-1-06: 50 Cent Calls Oprah an Oreo, N Word Used on MTV Real World

50 Cent continues his hate towards Oprah of all people, in the Jan. issue of Elle magazine he states:

Winfrey "started out with black women's views but has been catering to
middle-aged white American women for so long that she's become one herself.
I think the idea of being publicly noted that she's a billionaire makes [black women] interested in seeing her views. But it's even more exciting to the demographic of white American women she's been aiming at to see that she has the exact same views that they have." Source

50 Cent what are you doing, its bad enough you diss every rapper out, but now you dissing one of the major black figures that have made it big and have become a role model to millions. My advice to you is worry more about yourself and what your doing for the black community instead of worrying about Oprah. I think 50 didn't get enough hugs when he was young. Go back to beefing with The Game if you bored.

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In a Krameresque tirade, a white member of MTV's Real World Denver screams, "I'm going home because some N**** wants to Kill Me!" The N word is getting out of hand now. Come on black people, we use it all our rap songs, you think non blacks won't sing along to the words(well they may look around to see if any black people are there). I think its time to just let this word go and move onto to something else. The question is does saying the N word make a white person racist or it was just out of anger?

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Today is, "World AIDS Day," take some time to educate yourself and realize how serious a problem HIV and AIDS is in the world. Link Here is info on the RED campaign donating money to AIDS reasearch. Link U.S. AIDS/HIV statistics Link

Jay-Z ties the Rolling Stones for Number 1 albums. Link

Video of Beyonce Performing Silent Night for a special that will air on Christmas. Link

New Young Jeezy Video, "Bury Me a G." Link

Ludacris meets Senator Barack Obama. Link

Billboard Award Finalist are announced. Link

Update on Cassidy's Condition. Link

Nas calls Mobb Deep his little babies. Link

Nas and Chris Webber donate money to the funeral of Sean Bell(50 shots incident) Link

Young Buck explains what happened when he roughed up an ATL DJ. Link

David Banner won a humanitarian award for work after Hurricane Katrina. Link

Foot Locker 30% OFF Code from 11/30-12/3: FF6CV33Z0

Companies will be forced to record all emails and Instant messages sent at work. Full Story

Tracklisting and Cover for Papoose's new mixtape, "Papoose: The 4th Quarter Assassin." Home for the Holidays, Papoose & Kay Slay bring you a slew of new joints & freestyles, including tracks with Jim Jones & Lil' Eazy E, Sheek, Lupe Fiasco & Styles P, Nas, Busta Rhymes, 2pac, M.O.P. and more. New production by Kay Slay, Just Blaze, Sha Money XL, DJ Scratch, The Alchemist, Amadeus, 7 Aurelius and more. Link

A review of Papoose's 50 Shots song. Link

New Songs

Papoose- Kingdom Come Remix(Radio Rip)

Lloyd Banks- Lost and Found

Young Jeezy- 3a.m. (produced by Timbaland)

Lil Scrappy feat. 50 Cent- Nigga Whats Up

Nas - I Already Know(Not on Hip Hop is Dead)

REAL TALK NY: November 2006

Today's Updates(11-30-06)

Ciara Performing Promise on the David Letterman show via

50 Cent talks about his next album entitled: "Before I Self Destruct." Link

Mariah Carey will release two CDs in 2007. Link

NY Times article on Eminem and Lil Wayne. Link

Carmen(Nas Baby Mother) on the Wendy Williams show 11/28. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Kanye West at a Fendi Party.

Mariah Carey in Aspen 11/29

REAL TALK NY: November 2006

Suge Knight Getting at Snoop Dogg, Here We Go Again

Suge Knight seems angry over a Rolling Stone article where Snoop Dogg has comments about Suge Knight. Suge had this to say to the New York Post:

"Snoop is a rat. He's a police informer. This is the only guy who never goes to jail no matter what. I don't like rats."

I don't have to go around and convince people I'm tough. The only being I fear is God. Snoop has never been in a real fight. When there's trouble, he runs to the police. He throws up and starts crying."
Full Story

Suge Knight comments are in response to Snoop Dogg saying:

"I stepped to him [four years ago] at the BET Awards with my n--s, and he [Knight] was more scared than a mother[bleep]er," Snoop brags to Rolling Stone. That was the scenario when n--s knew the balance had shifted. That's when everybody felt like the floodgates was open on Suge. Snoop dissed him in public, and he didn't do nothing."

"When mono-named writer Touré asks Snoop if he is afraid of reprisals, he replies, [Bleep] nah . . . Never was afraid of him. I was afraid I was gonna have to kill him. That's what I was afraid of."

Snoop Dogg admits to being a crip, didn't see this one coming. Link

REAL TALK NY: November 2006

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Today's News: 11-30-06:New Songs/ More Jay-Z Hate/ Some Pics

O'Reilly Factor Gets on Snoop Dog, O'Reilly Wants him in Jail

Young Buck feat.Tony Yayo- We Run the Streets(Lil Wayne Diss)

Papoose - 50 Shots(About NYPD Shooting, Radio Rip)

Nas- Where Are They Now(CDQ, NODJ)

Ciara - Like a Boy

Young Jeezy feat. T.I. - I Got Money

Young Jeezy feat. Keysha Cole- Dreamin

Kay Slay and Raekwon Diss Jay-Z

Jay-Z being interviewed on ABC Nightline. Link

Get ready for more of the N word to be said by white people, in the next MTV Real World Episode the gay white male of the show screams, "I'm going home because a N***** wants me dead." Will post video of it If I see it. The N word is overexposed and gettng played, I think we may have to start calling each other Jive Turkeys again.

Snoop Dogg has filed a 2 million dollar lawsuit against his former label. Link

Some Ese mad at Snoop Dogg over the Vato Song lol. Link

Young Buck banned from a radio station after beating down a DJ in ATL. Reportedly Young Buck was mad the DJ played, The Game's, "One Blood," earlier that night. The DJ happens to be Lil John's DJ. Full Story

Article on Britney Spear's pics with no underwear flooding the internet. Link

Young Jeezy Listening Session

Beyonce Performing at Disney World 11/29, will air on Christmas

REAL TALK NY: November 2006

New Nas Video - Hip Hop is Dead

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REAL TALK NY: November 2006

Photos of The Game and Mya in Rap-Up Magazine

REAL TALK NY: November 2006

New Videos, Beyonce - Listen, Fantasia feat. Big Boi- Hood Boy

Beyonce - Listen

Fantasia feat. Big Boi- Hood Boy

REAL TALK NY: November 2006

New Video, Ludacris feat. Mary J. Blige- Runaway Love

REAL TALK NY: November 2006

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Todays News 11-29-06

Snoop Dogg Talks about his Beef with the Infamous Suge Knight. Link

"The n***a threatened my life when he was in jail," Snoop revealed to the publication. "N***as tried to get at me at concerts; they put my address on a tape. He was gonna give a n***a a Benz if a n***a cut my hair. All kinda f****n' with me."-Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is arrested on drug/gun possesion again. Link

A Reveiw of Eminem Presents:The Re-Up. Link

Jay-Z 1st weeks sales are, he sold 680,052 records. Snoop Dogg sold 264,171 while The Game took a 63% drop and sold 134,078 records.
Nas and Jay-Z respond to Carmen's Book. Link

Video of Jay-Z on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Link , Video of Jay-Z Performing Brooklyn High in Brooklyn Link.
Jay-Z interview for the Come Up Magazine

Beyonce Talks about working on DreamGirls. Link

Busta Rhymes talks about his next album. Link

D Block video for Everything Ya Got. Link

Nas will be having a concert in NYC Decemeber 22nd, tickets are $40 plus tax and go on sale to the general public Dec. 1st. Link

Ciara feat. 50 Cent - Can't Leave Em Alone

You can listen to Ciara's new ablum Ciara: The Evolution Here. Up close Video of Ciara performing Promise.

Paul Mooney wants to ban the word N*gga. Link

Nas(8p.m.) and Jim Jones(7:30p.m.) New Videos premiere today on BET. Link

Rev. Run son preparing to start rapping. Link

Tracy Morgan arrested for DUI. Link

Ashanti on MTV TRL

Eve at a M.A.C. store

Cassie Promo Pic

REAL TALK NY: November 2006

Information on The Professional 3 by DJ Clue(In Stores Dec. 19th)


You can listen to the first single here: Fabolous feat. Kanye West - Like This

Top-ranking guest list on Part 3 includes Juelz Santana, the Game, Mobb Deep, Beanie Sigel, Snoop Dogg, Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Jadakiss, Mike Jones and Paul Wall, Fat Joe, M.O.P., and others!

(Nov. 28, 2006 – New York, NY) After a way-too-long six year break between official album releases on the Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam label, mixtape impresario and Desert Storm mogul DJ Clue? returns on December 19th with the arrival of THE PROFESSIONAL, Part 3, the long-awaited sequel to the all-star-studded The Professional, Pt. 2 (released February 2001).

If it were possible to outdo the guest-list on Pt. 2, then THE PROFESSIONAL, Part 3 has done it – with the Who’s Who of hip-hop’s A-list, starting with “Like This.” The album’s first single pick, co-written and produced by fellow Def Jam artist Kanye West, features Kanye and Fabolous, the newest Def Jam mega-signing. Brooklyn-born Fabolous has been the core artist on DJ Clue’s Desert Storm imprint for his two albums in 2003 (the RIAA platinum Street Dreams) and 2004 (Real Talk, certified gold). His upcoming Def Jam album debut, From Nothing To Something, will drop in early 2007.

DJ Clue? exercises his craft as a producer on a hefty six tracks of Part 3, starting with “Middle Figure U” featuring Camron and Juelz Santana, then “It Was All Good A Week Ago” (Part 1 featuring Mario Winans and Part 2 featuring the Game and Mario), followed by “I Really Wanna Know You” featuring Jagged Edge and Fabolous; “The Gold” featuring Mobb Deep; “Liberty Bell” featuring Beanie Sigel and Cassidy; and the album’s closing track, “Da Animal” featuring Stylez P.

And the guest list doesn’t stop there – that’s just the beginning. There’s Snoop Dogg on “Almost Fucked” (produced by Lt Hutton); Young Jeezy and Juelz Santana on “Fuck Off” (produced by Develop); Lil Wayne, Ransom, and Rick Ross on “Da Scene” (produced by Doughboyz); Jadakiss on “Ugly” (produced by Swizz Beatz); Mike Jones and Paul Wall on “Grill & Woman” (produced by Chops); Fat Joe and Remy Ma on “U Don’t Wanna” (produced By Baby Paul); and M.O.P. on “NY Giant” (produced by the Heat Makerz).

It was nearly a decade ago that Jamaica, Queens, NYC native DJ Clue? (Ernesto Shaw) made the transition from the burgeoning mixtape industry to the major label domain of Def Jam Recordings with his first over-the-counter release, The Professional (1997). His parallel career as a New York vj and dj – first on MTV’s “Direct Effect,” then on radio station Hot 97, and later on Power 105 – combined with his imaginative remixing skills gained him access to the hottest new tracks from hip-hop and pop’s most important names.

The Professional (which hit #3 on the R&B chart and #26 on the pop side) spun off a pair of Top 40 tracks, “It’s On” and “Ruff Ryders Anthem,” and was eventually certified RIAA platinum. DJ Clue Presents: Backstage: A Hard Knock Life (released in 2000) documented the touring that accompanied his pal Jay-Z’s multi-platinum album. The Professional, Part 2 was first released in December 2000, propelled by the hit single “Back 2 Life 2001,” featuring Mary J. Blige and Jadakiss. The album also featured new exclusive music from hip-hop notables Jay-Z, Eminem, DMX, Snoop, Foxy Brown, Method Man, Li’l Kim, Busta Rhymes, Miami natives Trick Daddy and Trina, and many others.

REAL TALK NY: November 2006

Nas Feat. The Game- Hustlers(QB True G)

Update: Now Have the Dirty Version
Nas delivers another fire track with one of the hottest names in the rap, The Game.
Trust Hip Hop is Dead is a must buy this winter. Album in stores December 19th.
Nas new video for Hip Hop is Dead debuts 11/29 on BET at 8p.m.
I need to check the latest tracklisting to see the name of the track on the
album and if its still on the album, will get back to you guys with the info.

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Bonus, Nas getting at

REAL TALK NY: November 2006

Today's News 11-28-06: The Game on Wendy Williams

Full Video of The Game on the Wendy Williams show, Tells Jay-Z its time to crown a new King and challenges 50 Cent to a fist fight on pay per view.

Snoop Dog- Crippin(We Fly High Beat)

Interview with Fat Joe dissing Jay-Z and 50 Cent. Link(not sure if I posted already)

Video of Cassie at a Photoshoot, she cute but way too much makeup. Link

BET News Series, "American Gangsters." Link

What a suprise, another divorce, this time Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock. Link

Irv Gotti Plans a Murder Inc. comeback. Link

Young Jeezy offering Scholarships to Highschool students. Link

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith get ready to produce 2 more shows on television. Link

Ashanti Looking Good on 106 and Park

Game at the Nets vs Lakers Game

Beyonce on the cover of Flare Magazine

Carmelo Anthony and his expecting Fiance LaLa, Seen her last week, the belly is growing.

REAL TALK NY: November 2006

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Story of The Real 50 Cent

Interesting DVD I picked up a while ago on the person 50 Cent named himself after. For those that never seen it, check it out. The real 50 Cent was notorious for robbing everyday people to Rap stars, his risky life later caught up to him. The rapper 50 Cent is also in the segment.


Part 1


REAL TALK NY: November 2006

Before and After: Ferrari Enzo Accident

"Kerimov was weaving and attempting to overtake another car when he hit a sidewalk and then a tree, setting fire to the gas tank located beneath the engine, the policeman said. The Enzo can reach a top speed of 350 kilometers an hour (217 mph). It wasn't clear how fast Kerimov was driving, the policeman said. The speed limit on the Promenade is 50 kilometers an hour."
"The Ferrari Enzo driven by Kerimov is one of 399 made. The cars, priced at 650,000 euros ($852,930) each, sold out after they were unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in 2002."

Full Story

REAL TALK NY: November 2006

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Alicia Keys Looking Sexy in Her Upcoming Movie Smokin Aces

Alicia Keys has a role in an upcoming movie called, "Smokin' Aces." The movie is set release in the U.S. Jan. 26th. Here are some captures from the movie. Here is the Trailer for the movie and the synopsis. According to Alicia Keys:

"I think I have to put out a public service announcement for all my fans who are under 18. This role is that crazy. I get to deal with emotions that most people have to suppress, like extreme anger and rage.” Source

REAL TALK NY: November 2006

Video of Jay-Z in Brooklyn & Today's News

Jay-Z Performs in Brooklyn: Dig a Hole, Lost Ones, Show Me What You Got and
Where I'm From.

HQ Clip of Jay-Z Peforming, "Brooklyn High," Live. Link

New York Times Reviews the Jay-Z Brooklyn High Concert. Link

Newsday article on who else but Jay-Z, "A star with no more worlds to conquer. " Link

Reuters article on the most popular man in music right now, Jay-Z, "Jay-Z of all trades presides over Kingdom." Link

Nas Baby mother Carmen is still at it, according to the NYDaily News she states in her book: "Nas once turned down a date with Beyonce because, he said, to be honest, I can't take her breath." Source

Damn another article on Jay-Z by Time, "The Un-Retirement of Jay-Z." Link

Article on Snoop Dogg's latest album, Blue Carpet Treatment. Link

A Groom is killed the day before his wedding in Queens,he was fired at 50 times. Link

MTV's Mixtape Monday, LL Cool J had this to say about Jay-Z and Def Jam: "I can't depend on that man to promote my record while he's somewhere writing rhymes. ... I'm LL Cool J. I ain't doing that, B." Link

The Game is making a run for Hip Hop's biggest trash talker. Rumor is he was on a radio station last weekend with Big Tigger and had a few comments(props to DCbyrdGang from AHH):

"I'm thankful that I have a better record than Jay-z, don't beleive me? ask the third graders they know wassup."

"While he was buying albums with Fat Joe, he saw kids trade in their Lloyd Banks and Mobb Deep CD for gum."

"Shorty what ya drank or shorty what ya thank? Cause if he asking me what i think, i think its garbage."

"Said hes going to hit him(Lil Scrappy) with a bottle next time he sees him like Ras Kass."

"Says Jay-Z wasn't on the One Blood Remix because he was busy."

Snoop Dogg is interviewed by Amanda Diva for Link

Video of Ciara performing Promise at a concert. Link

Video of a Lil Wayne Interview. Link

Article on Akon's success. Link

Battle For King of Rap: Jay-Z vs. Game vs. T.I. Link

New Clipse Interview from Link

New York Times Reviews the Clipse new album, "Hell Hath No Fury." Link

Kramer aplogizes for his racist outburst to Jesse Jackson and says he is shattered by it. If I had millions of black people mad at me I would be shattered too. Link

Three Six Mafia feat. Chamillionare- Dope Boy Fresh

REAL TALK NY: November 2006

Kramer Gives Another Heart Felt Apology

REAL TALK NY: November 2006

News Week Jay-Z Article, Some New Songs etc...

Jay-Z Newsweek article entitled, "The Nation's Coolest Millionaire Mogul." Full Article
There must be something burning beneath Carter's low-key exterior. How else does a high-school dropout from Brooklyn's roughest projects end up in Manhattan's swankiest executive suites? Carter is now worth an estimated $320 million, runs the seminal hip-hop label Def Jam and dates probably the hottest woman on the planet, Beyoncé Knowles.

50 Cent's
Video Game is banned in Australia. Link

Video of Jay-Z Performing Big Pimpin with UGK on 106 and Park. Link

G’s Up TV Episode One: Intro To A 'G'
Synopsis:Lil Scrappy and the G's Up crew are introduced as the show's characters in montages that encompass scenes from the series. Lil Scrappy describes meeting Lil Jon and 50 Cent for the first time, and busts up a live Rock N' Roll show happening in the backyard by taking the stage!

Lil Wayne - Cry Out

Danity Kane- Home For Christmas

Someone with alot of time has created a Bill Gates Remix to We Fly High
(It's a slow news day)

William Henry Gates III, the co-founder, chairman, former chief software architect, and former CEO of Microsoft, has released a rap song attacking the President and CEO of Def Jam and Roc-A-Fella Records, Shawn Corey Carter, known better by his rap moniker Jay-Z. The song also attacks co-CEO of Diplomats Records, Jim Jones. The multi-billionaire cites his reasoning for releasing the single as such, "I just did it for fun. I heard the song 'We Fly High' on the radio, and then they played a track by Jay-Z that sounded similiar... So I thought to myself, why not? It was all in good fun, hope they don't take it personally." Neither rapper has responded to the song.

Seattle High [Ballin' Remix]

[Bill Gates Talking]
Jim Jones? Shawn Carter? (laughing)
You And Your Little Bank Accounts…
You Call That Balling?
I’m Insulted, Its Over For You
Let Me Teach You About Balling
Its Bill’s Turn…

“I Wear A Mean Dark Pair Of Shades…” (laughs) Let’s Get Real…
And You Can’t See My Eyes Unless My Head Is Bent…” Its Bill’s Turn Now!

[Hook – (Bill Gates)]
We Fly High, No Lie, You Know This (Seattle!)
Foreign Rides, Outside, Its Like Showbiz (It’s Bill’s Turn)
We Stay Fly, No Lie, You Know This (Seattle!)
(You’re Playing Tic Tac Toe With A Solitaire Master)
Hips And Thighs, Oh My, Stay Focused

[Verse 1]
You Get Paper? I Own Mints
Had The Treasury Steady Going Out of Print
Send Bloodhounds, Chase You Around Ball Games
Balling Is A Game, Its Over For You Lames
Bought Yourself A Chain?
I Feel Sorry For You Dames
Not Really, Forget You Girls
I’m William Henry Gates, I Own The World
You Didn’t Think I Could Rhyme?
I Come Sick All The Time, Don’t Believe?
I’ll Send Pro’s To Pull Out Beyonce’s Weave
Your Bank Verse Mine? Can’t Be Serious
Must Be Delirious, Its Clear You’ve Been Deceived
Shawn And Jim Can’t Keep Up
Way I Ball, I Break Ya Ankles
Leave You On Your Butt (Wow…)

[Hook – (Bill Gates)]

[Verse 2]
This Seattle, Want Beef? I’ll Cook Up Some Cattle
You In The Saddle? Your Wallet Ain’t Ready To Battle
Bill’s Turn With Mountains Of Money To Burn, On Fire
Be Real, My Wealth Is One Of Your Deepest Desires
Watch Your Pride Get Killed Son
In A Night I Make 4 Million
120 Million In A Month Off The Bat
In 4 Months And 6 Hours, 500 Mil Is Where I’m At
It Took You Over Ten Years To Get That
And I’m Worth $53 Billion, Your Money Is Wack
Jim Jones? Your Wealth Is Like Loans
Its Not Really Yours, Plus Its Bare Bones
Driving A Lambo To Homes? Please, Park It
I Fly $250 Mil Jumbo Jets To The Supermarket
Shawn On Yachts? He Can Only Rent Them
I Own Them, Guess You Need To Vent Then…
I Own More Jets Than You Own Cars
With These Bars, Your Rep Is Falling

I Fly High, No Lie, You Know This, Balling!
I Won This Game Of Balling, No Need To Call It
I Already Know I Can Crush You Both With My Wallet

[Bill Gates Talking]
Yeah… What You Know About Balling? What I Make In A Year Is Double The Amount You’ll Make In Your Lifetime, Through Rap Or Crack… Stop Saying You’re Rich, You Don’t Know What Rich Is… Get At Me Oprah!!

REAL TALK NY: November 2006

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Jay-Z Brooklyn High Concert

You guys want the video???

REAL TALK NY: November 2006