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REAL TALK NY: October 2006

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Latest News: Another Jay-Z Interview(36 minutes), Hear Jim Jones Album, Game Album Leaks etc....

Jay-Z Def Jam Interview, 36 minutes Long, Link, Jay-Z says:
-Says he is coming back cause the rap game needs him
-Lost Ones is the next single and will have a video
-Lost Ones is about Beyonce
-Dre mixed most of the album
-There will be no rap features on the album
-His Songs show 3 different aspects of the game.
-Says his album is the best of the year
-Says why he uses the Jordan analogy

Corporate Takeover, Jay-Z track played by Green Lantern Nov 1st(I assume its off of the Presedential Invasion Mixtape)
Again Higher Quality of Jay-Z Hot 97 Freestyle, Link.

You can hear Jim Jones upcoming album on MTV's the Leak. Link

The Making of the Tell Me Video by Diddy and Christina Aguilera.

The Way Game tracks were just coming out one after the other it was a matter of time until the Album Leaked. Link
Article on Lil Wayne upcoming album. Link
Article on Def Jam's Lady Soveriegn. Link
60 Seconds with Chris Brown. Link

David Stern has gone crazy, according to USAtoday:"All-Star Kevin Garnett of the Minnesota Timberwolves said the new rules "were almost like communism." Full Story

Ciara Album Cover Spotted at Concreteloop

Tickets for the Ciara Concert in NY, December 5th, goes on sale Friday. Link

Jay-Z in the next XXL

REAL TALK NY: October 2006

New Songs From: Nas, Ghostface, Mario, Lil John & Better Quality Jay-Z Freestyle

Nas- The N off of Hip Hop is Dead

Ghostface- Ghost is Back

Higher Quality Jay-Z Hot 97 Freestyle

Mario - Crying Out For Me(New Album in Stores Nov. 28th)

Lil John and Three 6 Mafia- Act a Fool

REAL TALK NY: October 2006

Jay-Z on Angie Show 10/31

REAL TALK NY: October 2006


Sounds Like Whitney Houston is Back on Point. Link

Myspace cracks down on illegal use of copyrighted material. Link

Saw 4 will release next year at Halloween. Link

Irv Gotti gets a Reality TV show. Link

Snoop writes a book. Link

Jay-Z wrote a diss track to Pac back in the days. Link

Lyrics to the Jay-Z freestyle on Hot 97 10/30. Link

Tyra Banks messing with Chingy??? Link

Listen to the New Lil John and 3 6 Mafia song, "Act A Fool," for one day only here.

Rick Fox dating Sharon Stone??? Link

DMX is releasing a clothing line. Link

Saigon is working on his new album with help from Kanye West. Link

Micheal Jackson and Will.I.Am. working together. Link

Maxwell is working on a new album. Link

Duke Rape case is a complete mess, looks like the accuser lied. Link

REAL TALK NY: October 2006

Monday, October 30, 2006

Jay-Z on FunkMaster Flex- Puts Jim Jones On Blast/ Grammy Family Freestyle

Props to community for the links(Dat_BK_Nicca )
In Case links Die:
Download the Freestyle or go Hot 97

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Someone with Photoshop skills made this one

REAL TALK NY: October 2006

Nas Hip Hop Is Dead Full(Clean)

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REAL TALK NY: October 2006

New Videos: Diddy feat. Christina Aguilera- Tell Me/Pussycat Dolls feat. Timbaland- Wait a Minute

Diddy feat. Christina Aguilera- Tell Me

Pussycat Dolls feat. Timbaland- Wait a Minute

REAL TALK NY: October 2006

Kingdom Come Album Cover???

I Hope this isn't it

REAL TALK NY: October 2006

Jim Jones Talks about Hov Diss, Bow Wow Crying Over Ciara, Jermaine Might Go To Def Jam etc..

Jim Jones Talks about the Hov diss: "When [Jay-Z] was hot and had his little eight-summer run, he was taking so many jabs at so many people in the game, it was all love. Now it's my turn, and everybody's included." Full Story

Bow Wow crying over Ciara and talking about his new album, be real homey she was too tall for you anyway. Link

Baby explains the kissing incident again. Link

Jermaine Dupri might go to Def Jam. Link

Some idiot makes N* Link

Naomi Campbell attacks her drug counselor. Link

Ciara supposedly might be seeing Micheal Ealy, I was at the party and seen both of them, I think this one is made up. Link

Bill Cosby still complaining, this time about parents and teachers. Link

Kevin Federline has to cancel his tour in New York due to bad ticket sales. Link

Catch a Fire movie trailer. Link

REAL TALK NY: October 2006

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Clips From Flavor of Love: New York About to Get Jumped

New York Almost Getting Stomped

Safari & H-Town

Promo for the Show

REAL TALK NY: October 2006

Ciara's Access Granted for Promise

REAL TALK NY: October 2006

Interesting Article on Rappers and Sport Stars Getting Robbed

Interesting article from the New York Daily News about the Telfair and Fabolous incident, and similar occurrences. Here is an excerpt:

"When he called, I already had an idea that it was the Commission (aka the Street Family) that was behind the robbery," says Parker about the Brooklyn street crew that he thinks was responsible for Telfair's jacking. "I wasn't surprised at all. I know how the Commission operates.
Telfair isn't the first NBA player to become a robbery victim - whether at the hands of a hip-hop faction or others. In Oct. 2002, former Nets guard Chris Childs was robbed at gunpoint of $800 cash and an estimated $30,000 worth of jewelry outside of Justin's. In 2000, Telfair's cousin, Knicks guard Stephon Marbury, was robbed of a diamond chain worth an estimated $150,000, as he got into a Bentley parked on W. 21st near 10th Avenue, after leaving a Manhattan nightclub.

Full Story

Whenever I see Celebs walking around with big chains and no security I wonder what the hell are they thinking. I guess they don't know how desperate these people in the streets are. Carrying a few of your boys with you won't do much once somebody runs up on you with a gun, especially on those dark streets of New York clubs. Most of these New York clubs are on the outskirts and across the streets from projects. Its interesting how they say Fab is down with that crew, I always hear stories of Fabolous getting robbed, but who knows if they are true.

REAL TALK NY: October 2006

John Legend Heaven Video, Beyonce Performing on T4 Special 10/27

John Legend - Heaven

Beyonce Performing Ring the Alarm

Beyonce Performing Deja Vu

Beyonce Performing Crazy in Love

REAL TALK NY: October 2006

Does Hip Hop Hate Woman? Game- Show Me Waht You Got, Latest Info & Pics

Article entitled: "Does Hip Hop Hate Woman?" Link

The Game Show Me What You Got Freestyle. Link (Dirty/Not CDQ)

Game's One Blood Remix is rumored to come out October 31st and feature Nas, Jim Jones, Lil Wayne, Fat Joe, and Juelz Santana.

Kanye's next album, "Graduation," will drop late next year. Proof

Police are looking for DJ Webstar and Young B as witnesses to a shooting. Link

Derek Luke(Antoine Fisher) is doing his thing in his new movie, "Catch a Fire." Link


REAL TALK NY: October 2006

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Beyonce Getting Gangsta - Hip Hop Is Dead Clip- Latest News - Release Dates

Yes, the mysterious third member is Beyonce

A clip from Nas upcoming album, "Hip Hop is Dead." Link

Source Magazine Say Dr.Dre has the Best Chance of Making Another Classic.
Dr.Dre 50% ........Jay-z 33% ........Kanye West 33% ..........Nas 25% ........Eminem 25%
The Game 20% ......Little Brother 20% .....Outkast 20% ......Common 20% ......Scarface 14%
50 Cent 14% .........Raekwon 14% ........Saigon 12.5% .......Snoop Dogg 12.5% ......T.I. 12.5%
Lil Wayne 11% .....Lupe Fiasco 11% ......Mos Def 11% ......Young Jeezy 10& ....Talib Kweli 9%
Trick Daddy 8% .......Fugees 5%

Jim Jones got the New York Giants Baaaaaallllllllllliiiiiiiinnnnnn. Link , (Giants Remix)

50 Cent didn't swagger jack, "In Da Club." Link

Jay-Z expects to make classics. Link

Questlove and company laughing at an unreleased Pharrell track. Link

Remaining Albums to be Released This Year

October 31st
Birdman & Lil Wayne "Like Father, Like Son"
8Ball "Light Up The Bomb" (Another 8Ball solo )

November 7th
Jim Jones "Hustler's P.O.M.E. (Product Of My Environment)"
Talib Kweli "Ear Drum"

November 14th
Fat Joe "Me, Myself, & I"
The Game "Doctor's Advocate"

November 21st
Jay-Z "Kingdom Come"
Snoop Dogg "Tha Blue Carpet Treatment"
Styles P "Time Is Money"
2Pac "Pac's Life"

November 28th
Clipse "Hell Hath No Fury"
Young Buck "Buck The World"

December 5th
Eminem presents "The Re-Up"
Ciara "The Evolution"
Lil Scrappy "Bred 2 Die, Born 2 Live"
Project Pat "Crook By The Book: The Fed Story"

December 12th
Young Jeezy "The Inspiration: Thug Motivation 102"

December 19th
Nas "Hip Hop Is Dead"

December 26th
Fabolous "From Nothing to Something"

REAL TALK NY: October 2006

Game feat. Nas - Why You Hate the Game (9:22 Minutes Long)

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Game had this to say on his Myspace Page:
I Leaked The Title Track From My New Album "doctor's Advocate" In-stores November 14th. I Need To Sell A Million Records Or More The 1st Week To Silence All The Bitch Azz Haterz, So Make Sure Yall Go Out That 1st Day "november 14th" & Support My Album. & All You Ballin Azz Mothafuckaz, Go Out & Cop 3 Albums. 1 For The Crib, 1 For Ya Gyrl Or Ya Nigga & One For The Whip ! Thanks For All The Support & Thanks For Bringing Me Back ! I Will Be Sending Out A Bulletin A Day For The Next 17 Dayz Until The 14th To Remind All The Weed Smokers Who Forget Shit Like Me ! I Smoked So Much I Forgot To Go Buy Lloyd Banks Shit Ha Ha Ha Ha... Oh Shit, I Didn't Smoke That Day Ha Ha Ha Ha...........

Bws C.E.O.
The Game

Jim Jones feat. Max B, Camron & Juelz Santana - Pin The Tail

50 Cent and Young Buck- I Love It Remix

REAL TALK NY: October 2006

New LRG and More 20% OFF(Code NF8453 @

REAL TALK NY: October 2006

Friday, October 27, 2006

Good Music Perfomances: Kanye West, John Legend and Fonzworth Bentley

Kanye Short Interview and Performance at Hennessy Artistry 2006

John Legend Performing We Just Don't Care at Virgin Megastore

John Legend Performing Heaven at Virgin Megastore

Fonzworth Bentley at a concert in Chicago

REAL TALK NY: October 2006

Jay-Z Got Cats in Africa Ready To Get At Him

I must admit Jay-Z is grimey for those crazy prices he was charging, cats had would have to sell their homes to see him perform. The article states:

"Reggie had thought of Jay-Z as a great rapper… well until Jigga breezed through the capital and “fleeced” Hip hop heads with his refined brand of predatory capitalism. Rockstone is still perfecting a mean punchline for a few diss bars he might be putting on wax soon."

"They will pin the over-pricing on the promoters but if people are getting pimped like that, Jay Z is the king of his castle and he could have made a statement about it so at least we know he is not about extorting people. Matter of fact he was supposed to be getting water for these same people who love his music. How the f#*k do you turn around and over charge them. Motherf*@^$# didn’t even take a picture with any of the artistes who opened for him.”

Well that kind of puts Reggie’s boycott in perspective -- the fact that Jigga came to a third world country and charged between $75 to $105 dollars seems very much contrary to the ‘keeping it real’ anthems in his songs. In Nigeria tickets went for as much as $800. That’s minus the extra bucks that came along with black market pricing.

I was supposed to go on stage with Rita Marley and Jigga. That’s Bob Marley’s wife and you sh*t on her like that? It wouldn’t have hurt Jigga nothing to do that.

Full Story

REAL TALK NY: October 2006

New Pharrell Video feat. Snoop - That Girl

Hopefully Google tube won't take this down.

REAL TALK NY: October 2006

Tyrese Making his Debut as a Rapper- "Black Ty"

Tyrese Myspace
Audio Stream of One by Tyrese

Tyrese, the multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, actor, writer, producer and now rapper, is set to release his long-awaited and much talked about double CD Alter Ego on December 5 on J Records. Alter Ego will serve a dual purpose - a homecoming to his R&B fans around the world with one disc full of soon-to-be-classic hits; and an introduction to the hip-hop world as he unleashes his rapper alias Black Ty on the other disc. The first single from the album will be the R&B single "One" produced by The Underdogs.

Whether passionately singing his own hits, "How You Gonna Act Like That" and "Sweet Lady" or crooning the hook on the current #1 hit single, Chingy's "Pulling Me Back," Tyrese's voice undeniably stands out in today's cluttered R&B arena. On Alter Ego's R&B side, Tyrese joins forces with producers The Underdogs ("One," "Better To Know"), Brian Michael Cox ("Gotta Get It"), Lil' Jon ("Turn You Out"), R. Kelly ("Hurry Up"), Eric Dawkins and Tony Hicks ("Morning After," "Better Than Sex," "Hey Ms. Parker") and Trick Stewart ("Lights On").

On the hip-hop disc, Tyrese shines as rapper Black Ty, which comes naturally since he once was a member of the rap group Triple Impact prior to the success of his solo singing career. Manni Fresh, Scott Storch, All Star and various members from the Frontline Boyz add their production skills on the hip-hop disc which will also feature guest appearances by The Game, Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Too Short, David Banner, Method Man, Lil Scrappy and Manni Fresh.

10/26 - Lincoln, NE - Pershing Center
10/27 - Columbia, MO - The Blue Note
10/29 - Denver, CO - The Paladium Night Club
11/2 - Baton Rouge, LA - The Great Hall
11/3 - Spartanburg, SC - Club Liquid
11/5 - Atlanta, GA - South Beach Bistro & Bar
11/9 - Sacramento, CA - Avalon Nightclub
11/17 - Ventura, CA - Majestic Ventura Theatre
11/18 - Phoenix, AZ - Celebrity Theatre
11/19 - Las Vegas, NV - Empire Ballroom
11/25 - San Diego, CA - House of Blues San Diego
11/27 - Anaheim, CA - House of Blues Anaheim
11/30 - Highland, CA - San Manuel Casino
12/2 - West Hollywood, CA - House Of Blues Sunset Strip

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REAL TALK NY: October 2006

Video: Diddy Talking about His Life, Making Press Play

Diddy Making Press Play(22 minutes)

Video of Diddy talking about Biggie on BET: Black and White special

REAL TALK NY: October 2006

New Snoop Dog Feat. Game - Gang Bangin 101

Do we really need anymore gang related songs in hip hop???

REAL TALK NY: October 2006

New Video, Bobby Valentino- Turn The Page

REAL TALK NY: October 2006

Amerie Dissing Beyonce???

Amerie's Beyonce Diss

I know most people think Amerie is sweet and would never do such a thing, but on her new mixtape it's pretty much obvious she is going at Beyonce. For those who doubt it, listen to the intro to her mixtape. You will notice how she says Nooooo during the end, then you will hear a clip of Beyonce's Green Light, the notes are the same, coincidence??? I think not. Digg Story

Amerie- Because I Love It(Intro) Lyrics
I'm saying who told yall,
Amerie would be back on the block.
It's been a minute,
But I see the fake has gotta stop.
Six months, and yall done checked my style
Thinkin I was M.I.A., that's wishful thinking child.
It's obvious to see,
Chickens try to bite it,
But they can't cop my delivery.
My style, my aggression on the track,
When yall chicks know yall wasn't singing like that, Yeah!
So let me break it down for ya,
To the ground for ya,
Go and chase that track.
Pay a hundred stack,
But you can't buy my sound,
Can't take my flow,
Can't bag my swag,
NO, Nooo-ooo-ooo(Song the identically to how Beyonce sings it in Green Light)

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Just seen an album review for B'Day that agrees with Amerie from

"B’Day has a few good moments, namely when Beyoncé decides to borrow. On Ring The Alarm, she takes a page out of the notebook of the aforementioned Kelis, and screams on the track because some dude has her on edge, ready to cut him and the chick he’s creeping with. Around mid-bridge of Green Light, she swipes a couple “Oh’s” from Amerie’s hit, One Thing. She's a borrower. "



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