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REAL TALK NY: Petition to Drop Cassie Greatest Hits LOL

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Petition to Drop Cassie Greatest Hits LOL

Damn when I first wrote about the petition it only had 30 something signatures, now it has 1939!!! People signing the petition got no remorse, well what you expect when you online you can get away with whatever.

954. 2pac I signed this a long time 1994!

1918.Puffy does not like black women. He sent the chubby girl from making the band home with the great voice and signed Cassie WTF

166. Loon I mean come on B. How is Cassie gonna get a record deal over your boy Loon? I was on the I Need A Girl pt.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 b. I mean really son. Cassie can't sing for ish son. Yet, she got a hit record and ya boy Loon gettin' in fights and still losin' even though I bring shovels to the fight. You makin' me look real bad son. Chic's like Cassie can get promo but I can't? I can'get no love Diddy? Its like that? Watch your face son. The shovel will always be carried around son. Don't forget that B. BTW, you seen that ni**a 40 cal? I owe him one.

163. Black Rob Diddy. DIDDY! What you doin' son. On some real serious shi*. I'm robbin' ni**a's for their chains and you signing bi**** like Cassie? I can't get no promo on my album but I see this chic on TV every 5 minutes? I gave you Whoa son. You gonna get your's Diddy. When I see you son it won't be no accident son.

155. Kima, Kesha, and Pam That ni.gga puff wanna put us on the shelf but put this garbage out! U aint nothing Puffy!
198. Nesha I just want to say Puffy the nerve of you to Boo Danity Kane when you didnt like their performance in that case you should have been in the audience on 106th and park with signs and a tshirt Boo'ing Wackassie sorry I meant Cassie


276. Kelly Rowland Everyone buy Simply Deep. I can't ride on this album forever. It's not my fault Cassie will outsell me. I need some money PLEASE. Ooh wait I always have the money from Destiny's Child. But still buy Simply Deep remember my Dilemma

292.Tiera - This child has brought entire disgrace to the female race and singers with true talent. It's true that sex sells. This girl needs to be taken away from the music scene immediately. I hope Diddy saw that uncut video. Diddy needs to be punched in his mouth repeatedly.(DAMN lol)

1753.Mr Hustle-Cassie has NO TALENT!!! Diddy is a wack ass buisness man, after the B.I.G era, it was down hill from there. Now diddy is going to drop and album? LOL, not only does Cassie need to stop, so does the whole Badboy label!1039.Herbert Jones- Drop Yung Joc also!


1026.Ally- she sounds like a dying cat
897. Nikki- Cassie, your stiff arse needs to get to the dance studio and learn to dance ASAP! You also need to get a vocal teacher ASAP.

936. Erin Lang the only reason that diddy even considered her was because she was lightskinned.

469. Ashanti Douglass I would just like to thank Cassie for taking my spot as the worst singer in the music industry. You are greatly appreciated and I love you. :-)

201. Diddy *Brushes the haters off while getting Proactiv applied to my cheekbones*

122. Tyrone Biggums I am so tired of this non-singing chicks. Ban Cassie from the music business, please. Do it for the children!!!!!

I see a few celebs have signed, have any others feel free to leave a comment...