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REAL TALK NY: Jay-Z Retirement Recap- All his Verses After his Announced Departure from Rap

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Jay-Z Retirement Recap- All his Verses After his Announced Departure from Rap

Hmmm, wasn't much of a retirement, I guess he couldn't stay away too long.

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Go Crazy Remix
Uh, more than a hustla I'm the definition of it
Master chef, lord of the kitchen cupboard
More than a street legend, homey it's Hova
More than a relief pitcher, I'm the closer
The Mariano of the Mariott, ah
If money talks, the whole world's bout to hear me out
See I'm a hustler's hope, I'm not his pipe dreams
So when they speak of success, I'm what they might mean
Attract money my worst color is light green
My favorite hue is Jay-Z blue
Don't follow me young'n, follow my moves, I'm not a role model
A bad influence got the world drinkin gold bottles
When Puff was in that tub spillin Mo'
I was at my video, Cris' on the speedboat
In my lifetime nigga, go through your research
St. Thomas my nigga, that was me first
Chrome shoe'd the GS, I came feet first
In the game like a baby boo on the reach birth
I got the keys if you need work
I can kingpin you a line, the diamond of time (uhh)
My niggaz love it when I talk like this
My corporate people start buggin cause I talk like this
The corporate thugs is like, "Nah Hov, talk that shit"
The dope boys go crazy when they hear that boy Jay-Z
See I'ma 80's baby, mastered Reaganomics
School of Hard Knocks, everyday is college
You ain't did nothin I ain't did, nigga pay homage
or pay the doctor, I sprayed Lami's
Still, the time'll reveal, you know I'm bein honest
Ya ain't put my coat yet and I keep my shit in coat check
They say the truth shall come to the light
So everybody grab your chains cause your boy that bright

Never Take Me Alive
The commission was our vision
We ain't it see it come to fruition
We ran outta time dam
You think I'm just a fan you out your mind
That was my motherfuckin man and my partner in crime
Big you had the Mafia
Me, I got the Property
Got a lot of these fake families out here copyin
But nigga trust Ima flush all this bullshit
All this fake Tupac and fake Suge shit
We ain't the first to make hood shit
We ain't invent the wheel
But we made the Goodrich tire
And Now we hood rich
And I rhyme like my momma still in the hood shit
But my momma got V12 under the hood
She got C-L on back of the 6
Now my only job is to help little Chris
Get his momma out this bitch
Avoid the drama out this bitch

Drop It Like It's Hot
I got hatas on my j-iz-ock, plus the frickin c-iz-ops
All of whom want to hit me with sh-iz-ots til I dr-iz-op
Thank God for hip hop, or I be in the b-iz-ox, uh
Jail or casket, either way you r-iz-ot
But now I'm so fresh you could smell me through a ziplock
Mr. S d-iz-ot, it's not gon' st-iz-op
Too much pizzas for these piss-ass niggas to get past
Too cool for c-iz-ops to cuff his iz-ass
Snitch-ass they made, they can't get the boy
These niggas givin' out cases like a liquore store
Runnin' to the DA tryin' to get me for it
All the money it made, I'm like forget the law
I'm not 'fr-iz-aid, it J-iz-ay homie you got pl-iz-ayed
Take it like a man, the flow ran you off the st-iz-age (go sit down)
Wastin' ya time tryin' to sue S. tell ya lawyer
"Take that civil case and drop it like it's hot"

Watchu Want?
It's the Commission, niggaz
B-I-G lives on
???, Brooklyn
Uh, uh, uh, uh, Let's go!
It's fuckin' deadly
Lucky Lefty of the Commission, bow down
By now you fuckers know this is our crown
Two Uptown bullies, Brooklyn Biggie
Bedstuy Hov like Bedstuy Gold
Behold the fly-est (it's the Commission)
Bentley drivers, Louis Vuitton buyers
Jet fuel abusers, sippin' Petrus
+Once Upon A Time In America+'s muse
You based on us, you fiction
Ya eight's don't bust, you a constant contradiction
Ladies please use contraception
Conception's at a all time high with sexin'
Use protection
You fuckers shoulda never been born, shoulda never got signed
How the fuck you got on?
How the fuck you got Shawn?
I'm too advanced, the Lance Armstrong of the dance
Rubberband man before T.I. was
King of New York like B.I. was
B.K. all day, it's in my blood
You wanna see my mask and gloves?
What the fuck you want?

Uhh, Young, uhh
So the pen is mightier than the sword my lord
My first picture was a line-up, now I'm on the Forbes
And I still remain the artiste through thees all
If you force my hand I'll be forced to "draw"
If the war calls for war halls
Hope you got enough space on your hall's walls
I make niggaz murals, then escape the bureau's
investigation, out in Europe on vacation
I'm back for these puppies with the pound boy
(Blaow) Here's a round boy (blaow blaow) down boy
Sound boy, you don't wanna soundclash loud noise
leave niggaz paranoid if not paralyzed
Which means you can't walk in my shoes
Too much green you can't talk in my hue
Extend the team, nigga holla at Lu'
1st and 15th, that's my cue, I'm through

Diamonds are Forever
Yup, I got it from here 'Ye, damn
The chain remains, the game is intact
The name is mine, I'll take blame for that
The pressure's on but guess who ain't gon' crack
Haha, pardon me, I had to laugh at that
How could you falter when you're the Rock of Gibraltar?
I had to get off the boat so I could walk on water
This ain't no tall order, this is nothin' to me
Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week
I do this in my sleep
I sold kilos of coke, I'm guessin' I can sell CDs
I'm not a businessman
I'm a business, man
Let me handle my business, damn
Kanyeez you got me, Freeway then Foxy
YG's, Tiar', 'merie, Peedi watch me
Bleek could be one hit away his whole career
As long as I'm alive he's a millionaire
And even if I die he's in my will somewhere
So he could just kick back and chill somewhere
Oh yeah, he don't even hafta write rhymes
The Dynasty like my money, last three lifetimes
Shirley Bassey's in the red sayin' exactly
What I been sayin' practically my whole career
A diamond is forever, I been minin' this forever
Now the Louis Vuitton Don's timin' couldn't be better
People lined up to see the Titanic sinkin'
Instead we rose up from the ash like a phoenix
If you waitin' for the end, the Dynasty sign
And what seem like forever is a mighty long time

Shake It Off Remix
Ladies and gentleman, it's Hov
Break up is imminent, I know
What's the sense of putting it off 'til tomorrow
Pretending it ain't gonna end, let's roll
Gotta move baby, know it's hella hard
You gotta find your groove baby like Stell-in-a
That ain't you baby, gotta let her do what it do baby
Shed a tear or two but don't get too crazy baby
Why are you behaving like it ain't other fish
In the fish bowl for the disco, nigga let's go
The Emancipation of M-I-M-I, I spray ?Ra-mus? RA, RA
Twenty worldwide nigga get your plaques
Guess who the fuck got his swagger back
Shake 'em all, uh, shake 'em all, uh
G4's and all we take off, uh we flawless mister
I'm the boss, El Presidente, caliente
Call me the other dog, so fuck all y'all
The boy is back along with the voice is back
M.C., shake 'em off

Get Throwed
Big money, mayn - we only ride the best
This one and only, big homey
Tried to told you I'm thug, ha
So far I'm tourin on foreign land
Worldwide I'm known for the Arm & Hamm-
-Er, Murder the streets I'm a wanted man
(But the flow's like dope) So it's on again
Started with the block, hit it brick by brick
Then I charted with the ROC nigga, hit by hit
I'm retarded with the glock nigga, clip by clip
The competition is none, they deceased to exist
Let it breathe a little bit
He's off his rocker, he's a lil schitz'
Roll like a football, Hov' used to cook raw
Now I got the game sewn like granny's good shawl
Sure, y'all niggaz want war
Y'all got it backwards, y'all should want raw
Y'all should want more (and more, and more - uhh!)

DeJa Vu
Yes, Hova's flow so unusual
Baby girl you should already know
It's H-O, light up the dro
Cause you gonna need help
Tryna study my, bounce
Flow glow, what's the difference
One you take in vein
while the other you sniffin
It's still dough
Po-po try to convict em
Thats a no-go my dough keep the scales tippin
Like 4-4s
Like her from the H-O-UST-O-N
Blow wind, so Chicago of him
Is he the best ever? That's the argu-a-ment
I don't make the list, don't be mad at me
I just make the hits like a factory
I'm just one to one nuttin after me
No Deja Vu, just me and my OH!

Hustlin Remix
Hold up
Who you haters think you talkin' to, I'm the fuckin' boss
White on white, G4, hater get lost
I'm in the air I don't hear niggaz corny raps
Yeah nigga Hov is back, yeah nigga Hov is back
I got a honey bun, no not a chick
I got a honey bun, millions nigga I got couple hundred 'em
Ninety-nine problems prick, don't become the hundreth one
'Less you got a hundred lives murder bout a hundred, uh
We don't resort to violence, we on resorts and islands
With linen shorts and shades, 'case they thought you was lyin'
My Louis slippers, Polo top
Linen shorts so my balls don't get hot, ha ha
Yeah I balls a lot, nah I owns the team
Ricky Ross, Roc-A-Fella, I owns the scene
Stop playin' with me lames y'all not my equal
It ain't no coincidence that my age is a kilo
Which means that I'm pordo, which means that I'm gordo
Which means that I use a G4, like in auto
I'm a walkin' memorial
I'm legendary for whippin' whippin' that boss
So nigga just let that cause go

Dear Summer
Dear summer, I know you gon' miss me
For we been together like Nike Airs and crisp tees
S dots with polo fleeces
Purple label shit with the logo secret
Gimme couple years, shit I might just sneak in
A couple words and like peaches and herb
We'll be reunited and it feels so hood
Have the whole world saying "How you still so good?"
Well I do this in my slumber summer
I ain't none of these half-assed newcomers, you know how I do summer
I drop heat, when you bring the sun up
The combo make niggaz act up, I pick the gun up
Niggaz back up; they know I'm not no fronter
I don't talk shit, I just flip it +Un+ ya
Sorry Lance, I'm just trying to advance my quotes
I ain't making you the butt of my jokes
But let's not stray from what I came to say
To my beloved, think we need some time away
They say if you love it, you should let it out its cage
And fuck it, if it comes back you know it's there to stay
It's tugging, at my heart, but this time apart is needed
From the public, who should've gave me the pulitz'
Instead gave me they ass to kiss
But you know me, thugging 'til the casket dips
But still shine light down on all my peers
I know they weird... some queer, I still want them to share
And all the success I received, I know you can't believe
I still love 'em but they don't love me
They like the drunk uncle in your family
You know they lame, you feel ashamed, but you love 'em the same
It's like when niggaz make subliminal records
If it ain't directed directly at me, I don't respect it
You don't really want it with Hov, for the record
I put a couple careers on hold, you could be next kid
Keep entering the danger zone
You gon' make that boy Hov put your name in a song
If you that hungry for fame, motherfucker c'mon
Say when, take ten paces and spin
But on another note, 'bout to take another vaca'
On another boat, goddamn a motherfucker rode
His way out the hood, and I pray that I stay out for good
But any day you know a nigga could
Try and play like he Suge, then I gotta play like Dutch Schultz
You pass the dutchie, I blast you, trust me
Niggaz can't fuck with me
I'm in a good mood, you lucky, I got a good groove
And I ain't trying to fuck my thing up
But I will lay down a couple green bucks, get you cleaned up
Now I'm +Pulp Fiction+, Colt four-fifth and
Young niggaz that blast for me/blasphemy, no religion
Listen here summer baby, I just believe it's the right thing to do
I got a brand new bitch, corporate America
She showing me a lot of action right now
And I know you put me on my feet and all, but
I mean, it's time for me to grow
You gotta let me go baby, you gotta let me go
I'm done for now, so one for now
Possibly forever, we had fun together
But like all good things, we must come to an end
Please show the same love to my friends
Dear summer