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REAL TALK NY: Press Play Reviews/ Jay-Z New Liquor/ Clipse Go At Jay-Z/Young Jeezy

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Press Play Reviews/ Jay-Z New Liquor/ Clipse Go At Jay-Z/Young Jeezy

October 20, 2006

"PRESS PLAY," Diddy's first solo project in five years, has been garnering widespread critical acclaim. The collection, which arrived in stores this week, finds the Bad Boy founder and recording artist joined in the studio by a hand-picked cast of modern artists and groundbreaking producers. The result is a cutting-edge collection that brings together a captivating range of sounds and voices in an album defined by depth and diversity.

In its 4-star rave review, the New York Post proclaims, "Musically, there isn't a dud on the 19-track disc... The CD takes wild and welcome swings between Diddy's raps, vocals by an all-star roster of R&B and pop singers, and innovative beats designed by an equally elite squad of producers." The review goes on to call "PRESS PLAY" "an exciting listen" marked by "diversity and innovation."

Entertainment Weekly hails "PRESS PLAY" as "the year's best-produced album," while the Washington Post calls it "perhaps Diddy's best since his 1997 debut... Everything on this album is big. Big fanfares, big drums, big sounds... the ideas are bigger... His acute ear and rich sonic vocabulary serve him well throughout 'Press Play.'" Newsday predicts that "PRESS PLAY" will "spawn hit singles deep into next year," and AOL Music raves that the album is "the most danceable hip-hop record in years! With Diddy's classic and unique sound, 'Press Play' will be an undeniable force on today's music scene." also awarded "PRESS PLAY" four stars, noting that "The album solidifies the return of Bad Boy Entertainment and represents a new age for the hip-hop mogul." VIBE magazine Editor-In-Chief Danyel Smith comments, "With 'Press Play,' Sean Combs continues to take risks and to innovate. But most importantly, Diddy makes us tilt our heads towards the speakers and dance, dance, dance." Billboard Executive Editor/Associate Publisher Tamara Conniff says, "Diddy has once again defined a genre. This is hip-hop soul."

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Jay-Z has a new liquor called Armand de Brignac, heres article talking about the drink and how not really a high end drink, Link

According to, The Clipse took a shot at Jay-Z this weekend:

"The Clipse Take Subliminal Shots At Jay-Z. During their performance at last week's "Sneaker Pimps" convention in NYC (shouts to all my kick fiends), the Virginia duo had some words for a particular famous rap star. While never actually saying his name, Pusha T aka "Brick James" said, "When we put our first record out we asked a big name rap star what he thought of it. He said, 'Well, you guys talk about coke a lot.' That was his comment about the whole record, with all the phors and all the rhymes, that's all he had to say. And now in 2006 all dude is signing is rappers who talk about coke." Ouch."


Young Jeezy Talks About the New Album. Link

"I don't understand why America is so ashamed of me. Nobody was trying to help me, nobody is trying to help the people in the street. Shit is going on for real and I'm trying to concentrate on us. People are still out there going through the same things I went through, and that's what I cater to. I came from that."