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REAL TALK NY: Exclusive: Jay-Z Performs Brooklyn High/ Beach Chair/Kingdom Come

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Exclusive: Jay-Z Performs Brooklyn High/ Beach Chair/Kingdom Come

Jay-Z Performs Brooklyn High and Beach Chair For the First Time Ever along with Kingdom Come, Trouble and Lost Ones

Jay-Z Performs Show Me What You Got, Missing You Remix and Encore

and yea of course the audio will not be great, its a concert with huge speakers, how many non professional concert videos you see with great audio on youtube???Like I already posted you can watch the AOL recording here.

This was truley a last second decision for me. I was on the press list, but the press had to leave the building after three songs. How can you really go to a Jay-Z concert and leave after 3 songs? So all of Friday I was trying to buy tickets, I manage to get one like around 6 finally. Lucky for me my sister was on the line since 2 p.m. I get there like 6:45, line is looking crazy. Wasn't single filed at all more like 5 people wide. Cats had some comments when I got that skip all the way to the front but said nothing to me. These other people tried to get a skip and this angry black man was like it ain't happening homey lol.

When the doors were about to open it got crazy. Mad heads was skipping, and someone told the cop about it, he replied, "I don't care its not a crime!" I never seen security so weak at a concert, they said nothing to people skipping and just told them to move in the line. So we get in and the metal detector search is a joke. People walking in without being searched, I see someone left this huge knife on the floor, I'm think wtf, I was expecting this at the Brooklyn concert, not the Roseland Ballroom. It was all good because I was all the way in the front like I always manage to do some how some way.

The Crowd was mad live , smoking up and dancing to every hit DJ Clue played. Ed Lover then came out to keep the crowd awake dancing to songs and throwing dollar bills in the crowd while they were playing, "Make It Rain."(Thanks for the dollar) Crowd got bored afterwhile cause we got in there about 7:30 and Hov doesn't hit the stage until 10. Finally DJ Clue leaves and Green Lantern comes out. He plays a medly of Jay-Z songs and then he plays Kingdom Come and Jay-Z comes out with the crowd going mad. He followed Kingdom Come with his recent Jim Jones Diss, "Brooklyn High." This was the song I was waiting to see him perform since he didn't do it at the Hangar Tour. Brooklyn was definately in the building for this one.

Jay-Z came through doing all his hits, H to the Izzo, Jigga What, Song Cry, Hard Knock Life, Hola Hovito, Heart of the City, Is That Your Chick, You Don't Know and the Missing You Remix. Hov did a few tracks off of Kingdom Come: Kingdom Come, Trouble, Beach Chair, Lost Ones and Show Me What You Got. Hov then walked off the stage pretending the show was over, and of course came back to end the night with Encore. Been to many Hov concerts and he delivers every time. The energy from the crowd alone keeps you hype, and lets not forget the long list of hits Jay-Z has dropped over the years. Hov is officially back, MJ with the 45.