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REAL TALK NY: Jay-z Concert Review Part 2: Radio City Music Hall

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Jay-z Concert Review Part 2: Radio City Music Hall

So one day I come home form work and hear Jay-z having a concert in two weeks, I laughed and said yea right. Thought it couldn't have been true cause I would of heard of it at least a month in advance. Well turns out it was true, the morning it went on sale took me 45 minutes to get one ticket and getting two tickets was impossible. I managed some decent tickets, not what I'm use to but what can you expect with a high profile concert like this.

Well fast forward to the big night. The atmosphere was crazy, alot of big name Celebes walking around, When I first got in, I saw some noticeable people, Dj Clue and Dj Envy. Started looking around went to my seat and was not pleased so I had to figure out how I was going to get to the front. As a nice gesture eveyone that came to the concert got a special enlarged XXL magaizne about Reasonable Doubt, a poster and a Jay-z shirt(Got a pic of the stuff and extra posters). Luckily my sister managed to get seats in the front to the side. So what I did is take my sister ticket and let her walk by the usher, the usher didn't even stop her. When I walked by the usher of course checked me. Worked perfectly, cause ushers weren't playing they was checking hard.

Then came the next challenge, since I'm all the way in the front, that section gets extra attention and I have an usher like 2 feet from me eager for everyone to take their seat. So I'm nervous cause he was over active, and just sitting in the row in front of my sister and next thing you know people come for the seats I was in. Turns out it was Alicia Keys, three friends and a bodyguard that looked like he meant business. In my head I was like damn the gig is up. I quickly relocate to the row behind my sister right in front of the usher and just hope to get lucky. Somehow I manage to make it, and the usher later left for another guy that I didn't have to worry about.

Where I was sitting Funk Master Flex was above me, AJ, yea AJ is still alive, was a few rows behind me and Alicia Keys was a few feet from me and so was her bodyguard, so I had to lay low with the pics and sneak some while she was leaving. So I'm enjoying the concert and I seem some tall dude come by to the front with a buzz around him, looks to the side and its Lebron James. As you can see from the video he was getting into the concert. After the concert was over Lebron James, Chris Paul and Richard Hamilton walked by as you can see in the video, then a few minutes later seen Young Jeezy taking pics and signing autographs. Other people in attendance that I didn't get to see included Naomi Campbell, Carmelo Anthony, Jamal Crawford, Kelly Rowland, LaLa, Irv Gotti(got a shout out), and LA Reid. Where was Nas?

Now that I got the big names in attendance out of the way, the concert itself was crazy, the whole crowd was into it, Pain in the Ass was dressed up in a suit and came from a balcony doing his skit. Jay-z started the show by pulling up in a 96 Lexus looking Fresh to death(got a Pic if anyone wants to see it). The whole chorus and background was just amazing, a real classy event. Foxy brown came out, and I couldn't understand most of what she was saying even though I know the lyrics, I guess she needs some work. Beyonce came out to do Mary's part in Can't Knock the Hustle, she put her on touch on the song cause she doesn't sing like Mary, but damn she was looking good in that dress.

In conclusion this was a once in lifetime concert. I saw Jay-z perform at the garden in the concert after R Kelly left the Best of Both Worlds tour. It was a crazy concert, but it had alot of special guest and Jay-z didn't do enough of his material. I doubt Jay-z will ever perform that album in its entirety ever again, plus not to mention the list of hits he did after he was done with the album. The concert brought everyone back to 96 and gave people a new found appreciation for the album that started the career of one of the most successful rappers ever.