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STOP THE MADNESS!!!: Rumors about Ne-Yo

Seems like people are hell bent or bring down one of R&B's newest stars. First up is this fake Essence article floating around.

Singer Ne-yo Announces He Is Gay Essence Magazine August 23,2006.The newly
famed singer/songwriter has came out of the closet and announced that he is gay.
The multi-platinum recording artist sat down for the October issue of Essence
Magazine last week and announced the shocking news stating, "Yes, I am gay, and I
have always been." After several internet rumors have been circulating around the
internet. He also said, "You now this world we live in is full of judgment, resulting in one of the reasons why it took me so long to come out of the closet." Earlier this month, a man by the name of Derrick John son claimed that he had an intimate relationship with the singer during there teen years in high school. He also said that for months the singer and Def Jam has been trying to pay him to keep quiet over the ordeal. Worrying that it would destroy his image. Ne-yo responds saying, that the relationship did occur and he is no longer ashamed of saying that he was deeply in love. Reciting "That situation was what inspired me to write the song Unfaithful. But no one knew it was actually about myself,and our relationship." He told Essence that he doesn't care anymore, he was tired of living a lie and is ready to come clean. Quoting, "the music industry can either except me for who I am, or desert me." The full interview with the magazine is expected to hit stands mid-October.Barbra Stradoff, Essence Magazine"

I don't know why people are so gullible to fall for this. Common sense would tell you it would of been all over television if it was true, just like when Lance Bass decided to come out(he already been out in the minds of most). Plus you can go to the Essence website and you see nothing about it, Barbra Stradoff doesn't even exist their. Come on people don't believe everything on the net, especially without a reliable source.

Then comes rumor number two, there is a picture all over the web that is suppose to be Ne-Yo, getting getting some head, as Shawna would say, from a backup dancer. Personally I don't think its him. People automatically assume its him cause of the shape the guys head looks like Ne-Yo's. But there has to be millions of black people with a big head like that, I'm sorry not enough evidence for me. Link to the picture is here Here . I can't without a doubt say this one is false but even if it is true, big deal people get over it, its not like he is married.

People making the rumors can't even make up their mind on if he is gay or busy getting head from a backup dancer.The man is talented and his CD is hot that's all that matters, just STOP THE MADNESS!!!