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REAL TALK NY: Amerie Dissing Beyonce???

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Amerie Dissing Beyonce???

Amerie's Beyonce Diss

I know most people think Amerie is sweet and would never do such a thing, but on her new mixtape it's pretty much obvious she is going at Beyonce. For those who doubt it, listen to the intro to her mixtape. You will notice how she says Nooooo during the end, then you will hear a clip of Beyonce's Green Light, the notes are the same, coincidence??? I think not. Digg Story

Amerie- Because I Love It(Intro) Lyrics
I'm saying who told yall,
Amerie would be back on the block.
It's been a minute,
But I see the fake has gotta stop.
Six months, and yall done checked my style
Thinkin I was M.I.A., that's wishful thinking child.
It's obvious to see,
Chickens try to bite it,
But they can't cop my delivery.
My style, my aggression on the track,
When yall chicks know yall wasn't singing like that, Yeah!
So let me break it down for ya,
To the ground for ya,
Go and chase that track.
Pay a hundred stack,
But you can't buy my sound,
Can't take my flow,
Can't bag my swag,
NO, Nooo-ooo-ooo(Song the identically to how Beyonce sings it in Green Light)

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Just seen an album review for B'Day that agrees with Amerie from

"B’Day has a few good moments, namely when Beyoncé decides to borrow. On Ring The Alarm, she takes a page out of the notebook of the aforementioned Kelis, and screams on the track because some dude has her on edge, ready to cut him and the chick he’s creeping with. Around mid-bridge of Green Light, she swipes a couple “Oh’s” from Amerie’s hit, One Thing. She's a borrower. "



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