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REAL TALK NY: Random News

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Random News

Lupe Fiasco has this to say in regards to Jay-Z's comeback:"I think Jay's motivations are business motivations." The headline reads, "Jay-Z is in it for the money," LOL very overhyped quote. Link

50 taunts DMX and Jim Jones at the Back to School concert reportedly by MTV(probably just hyped up by MTV). MTV states:"Management at the Nassau Coliseum repeatedly attempted to cut off 50's microphone in hopes of speeding up the performances. The G-Unit leader, however, switched microphones and began taunting DMX and Jones in hopes of winning the crowd over for more time. " Link
To add to this there is a rumor on of backstage beef between G-Unit and Dip Set. "The word is G-Unit was backstage, in particular Tony Yayo and 50 Cent. Now, Jim Jones was also back there. Word has it, Tony goes..."Borrrrrrrrinnnnn'...." in the same manner that Jim Jones' sings "BALLLLLLINNNNNNNNNN in his hit "We Fly High." Full Story

T.I. may get sued for performing at the Boostmobile RockCorps concert. According to MTV :

Big League Entertainment intends to file suit against T.I. and his manager
this week for breach of contract. Mike Green, president of Big League
Entertainment, claims T.I. violated an agreement with the promotions company
when he performed last month at New York's Radio City Music Hall for Boost
Mobile Rock Corps volunteers. T.I. was scheduled to headline Saturday's Hot 97
co-sponsored Back to School Jam, which instead ended with DMX's abbreviated set
and a fan injury. "People think T.I. didn't show up that night, but I didn't
allow him to make it," Green explained. "He did a show in the area just a week
before and breached what he had with us, because he wasn't supposed to perform
in the area for 30 days before our show. So I didn't allow him to perform. I'm
going to sue the hell out of him." ...

Clipse new album scheduled for December 12th. Link

Eve works on her new album, "Here I Am." Link

NYTimes talked about the success of, "Flavor of Love 2." Link

Busta Rhymes' crazy request lead to tour cancellation. Link

NeYo to star in, "Save the Last Dance 2." Link

Nina Sky Prepare a new Album. Link

Jim Jones video interview on the Parker Report. Link