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REAL TALK NY: 12-1-06: 50 Cent Calls Oprah an Oreo, N Word Used on MTV Real World

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12-1-06: 50 Cent Calls Oprah an Oreo, N Word Used on MTV Real World

50 Cent continues his hate towards Oprah of all people, in the Jan. issue of Elle magazine he states:

Winfrey "started out with black women's views but has been catering to
middle-aged white American women for so long that she's become one herself.
I think the idea of being publicly noted that she's a billionaire makes [black women] interested in seeing her views. But it's even more exciting to the demographic of white American women she's been aiming at to see that she has the exact same views that they have." Source

50 Cent what are you doing, its bad enough you diss every rapper out, but now you dissing one of the major black figures that have made it big and have become a role model to millions. My advice to you is worry more about yourself and what your doing for the black community instead of worrying about Oprah. I think 50 didn't get enough hugs when he was young. Go back to beefing with The Game if you bored.

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In a Krameresque tirade, a white member of MTV's Real World Denver screams, "I'm going home because some N**** wants to Kill Me!" The N word is getting out of hand now. Come on black people, we use it all our rap songs, you think non blacks won't sing along to the words(well they may look around to see if any black people are there). I think its time to just let this word go and move onto to something else. The question is does saying the N word make a white person racist or it was just out of anger?

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