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REAL TALK NY: News Week Jay-Z Article, Some New Songs etc...

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News Week Jay-Z Article, Some New Songs etc...

Jay-Z Newsweek article entitled, "The Nation's Coolest Millionaire Mogul." Full Article
There must be something burning beneath Carter's low-key exterior. How else does a high-school dropout from Brooklyn's roughest projects end up in Manhattan's swankiest executive suites? Carter is now worth an estimated $320 million, runs the seminal hip-hop label Def Jam and dates probably the hottest woman on the planet, Beyoncé Knowles.

50 Cent's
Video Game is banned in Australia. Link

Video of Jay-Z Performing Big Pimpin with UGK on 106 and Park. Link

G’s Up TV Episode One: Intro To A 'G'
Synopsis:Lil Scrappy and the G's Up crew are introduced as the show's characters in montages that encompass scenes from the series. Lil Scrappy describes meeting Lil Jon and 50 Cent for the first time, and busts up a live Rock N' Roll show happening in the backyard by taking the stage!

Lil Wayne - Cry Out

Danity Kane- Home For Christmas

Someone with alot of time has created a Bill Gates Remix to We Fly High
(It's a slow news day)

William Henry Gates III, the co-founder, chairman, former chief software architect, and former CEO of Microsoft, has released a rap song attacking the President and CEO of Def Jam and Roc-A-Fella Records, Shawn Corey Carter, known better by his rap moniker Jay-Z. The song also attacks co-CEO of Diplomats Records, Jim Jones. The multi-billionaire cites his reasoning for releasing the single as such, "I just did it for fun. I heard the song 'We Fly High' on the radio, and then they played a track by Jay-Z that sounded similiar... So I thought to myself, why not? It was all in good fun, hope they don't take it personally." Neither rapper has responded to the song.

Seattle High [Ballin' Remix]

[Bill Gates Talking]
Jim Jones? Shawn Carter? (laughing)
You And Your Little Bank Accounts…
You Call That Balling?
I’m Insulted, Its Over For You
Let Me Teach You About Balling
Its Bill’s Turn…

“I Wear A Mean Dark Pair Of Shades…” (laughs) Let’s Get Real…
And You Can’t See My Eyes Unless My Head Is Bent…” Its Bill’s Turn Now!

[Hook – (Bill Gates)]
We Fly High, No Lie, You Know This (Seattle!)
Foreign Rides, Outside, Its Like Showbiz (It’s Bill’s Turn)
We Stay Fly, No Lie, You Know This (Seattle!)
(You’re Playing Tic Tac Toe With A Solitaire Master)
Hips And Thighs, Oh My, Stay Focused

[Verse 1]
You Get Paper? I Own Mints
Had The Treasury Steady Going Out of Print
Send Bloodhounds, Chase You Around Ball Games
Balling Is A Game, Its Over For You Lames
Bought Yourself A Chain?
I Feel Sorry For You Dames
Not Really, Forget You Girls
I’m William Henry Gates, I Own The World
You Didn’t Think I Could Rhyme?
I Come Sick All The Time, Don’t Believe?
I’ll Send Pro’s To Pull Out Beyonce’s Weave
Your Bank Verse Mine? Can’t Be Serious
Must Be Delirious, Its Clear You’ve Been Deceived
Shawn And Jim Can’t Keep Up
Way I Ball, I Break Ya Ankles
Leave You On Your Butt (Wow…)

[Hook – (Bill Gates)]

[Verse 2]
This Seattle, Want Beef? I’ll Cook Up Some Cattle
You In The Saddle? Your Wallet Ain’t Ready To Battle
Bill’s Turn With Mountains Of Money To Burn, On Fire
Be Real, My Wealth Is One Of Your Deepest Desires
Watch Your Pride Get Killed Son
In A Night I Make 4 Million
120 Million In A Month Off The Bat
In 4 Months And 6 Hours, 500 Mil Is Where I’m At
It Took You Over Ten Years To Get That
And I’m Worth $53 Billion, Your Money Is Wack
Jim Jones? Your Wealth Is Like Loans
Its Not Really Yours, Plus Its Bare Bones
Driving A Lambo To Homes? Please, Park It
I Fly $250 Mil Jumbo Jets To The Supermarket
Shawn On Yachts? He Can Only Rent Them
I Own Them, Guess You Need To Vent Then…
I Own More Jets Than You Own Cars
With These Bars, Your Rep Is Falling

I Fly High, No Lie, You Know This, Balling!
I Won This Game Of Balling, No Need To Call It
I Already Know I Can Crush You Both With My Wallet

[Bill Gates Talking]
Yeah… What You Know About Balling? What I Make In A Year Is Double The Amount You’ll Make In Your Lifetime, Through Rap Or Crack… Stop Saying You’re Rich, You Don’t Know What Rich Is… Get At Me Oprah!!