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REAL TALK NY: Snoop Dogg's Latest Album Blue Carpet Treatment Drops Tommorow

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Snoop Dogg's Latest Album Blue Carpet Treatment Drops Tommorow

Snoop's eight solo album, Tha Blue Carpet Treatment hits the streets today, November 21st to much anticipation.

"Tha Blue Carpet Treatment" is a return to the original sound that put the Long Beach rapper on the map with Snoop keeping it gangsta on each and every record. Following the street single, "Vato," produced by Pharrell and featuring B-Real, comes the highly anticipated second single, "That's That" produced by Nottz and featuring R crooner R. Kelly. This catchy and melodic song was most added at Urban and Rhythmic formats, proving it is shaping up to be another platinum hit for the West Coast "Boss." Snoop says, "'That's That' is theme music for a classy gangsta party - that's when you ladies pull out the high heels and the playas pull out the three-piece suits. You'll see in the video! Me and R. Kelly had a lot of fun shooting this one."

Throughout the album, Snoop takes it back to the hood showcasing the gritty realness that helped shape his status as a cultural icon. XXL writes, "Snoop's lyrical fire seems resurrected, as he delivers arguably his most consistently scorching work post-Doggystyle." Thirsty fans will be thrilled with the thought provoking song "Imagine," produced by and featuring Dr. Dre, which reflects on what life would be like for the California natives without hip hop. The signature Dre piano riff is complimented by the D'Angelo sung chorus, marking the first time fans have heard D'Angelo in six long years. Another album favorite is club banger "Psst," produced by Jamie Foxx, N8 and Brainz and features Jamie Foxx's signature falsetto on the hook. The album also features two collaborations with Akon, "Boss's Life" produced by Dr. Dre and the current radio smash "I Wanna Love You," the latter also being on Akon's upcoming album. Of the album, Snoop says, "Tha Blue Carpet Treatment is my presentation to the world on what it means to be the King of the West Coast. I really worked extra hard on making this one perfect and got the best of the best among my homies in the music game- Skateboard P, Timbaland, R. Kelly, D'Angelo... and you know when me and Dr. Dre get together - it's a monster."

For today's release date Snoop will be appearing at a variety of events. Check out the list below:
·AMA performance - turn to ABC at 8pm ET / 7pm CT
·Virgin Mega In-Store at 9pm (on Hollywood & Highland in Hollywood, CA)
Come meet Snoop and get your copy of Tha Blue Carpet Treatment signed!

On November 27th you can catch Snoop on Yahoo/Pepsi Smash "Another Side Of" promotion for five weeks straight!!

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