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REAL TALK NY: Nas Says Hes Jim Jones Boss And Says LL Is Too Old To Be Mad At Jay-Z

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Nas Says Hes Jim Jones Boss And Says LL Is Too Old To Be Mad At Jay-Z

Nas had some comments about Jim Jones and LL Cool J in the upcoming Complex magazine:

Before signing to Def Jam, the rapper was offered a president's job at Atlantic Records which would have made him Jim Jones' boss. When asked about this, he responds: "I'm still his boss [laughs]. I am above him. Who's not above Jim Jones? I don't know any of his records and I'm not even being funny. Like I know he's got a record called Ballin. I hope it sells some records, but I swear to you I've never heard it."

The music should be enough, and sometimes things slip through the cracks. But people getting mad at Jay is corny. Especially someone like LL Cool J. He's too old of an O.G. to be mad at Jay. He's been at Def Jam since we were kids dreaming about being on Def Jam. We gotta get off this bull**** 'cause I never remember those artists talking about any white executives. That's some slaverys***. If my record comes out and goes wood, I can't blame Jay because it's my doing."

When asked of other's success, he responds, "I want to see 50 own the Empire State Building and Jay own fu***** 12 basketball teams. I don't have an issue with anybody that's in a position of growth. It's only when they're cooning that I get embarrassed. Some of these niggas are buffoons. Muthaf****** are buying You Tube and we're renting yachts that they own, talking about, 'That ni**a's shining, and I'm not.' We've got to really think about the big picture, dude."

I guess with Nas album coming out its time to be more vocal and throw some names out there. How could you have really not heard Ballin and be in New York though, Jay-Z obviously was hearing it to do his remix, stop lying Nas. As far as LL Cool J, damn I think he should stay out of that one, we don't need a tag team match of Nas & Jay-Z vs. 50 Cent and LL Cool J. I don't get his slavery comment, probably getting a little carried away. His comments about cats cooning is on point, wasting money right and left, but hold up don't he have a huge egyptian chain? A rapper is entitled to do what he wants with his money, things just get negative when they show it off on television constantly, causing little kids to aspire to obtain material goods and live the made up lifestyle rappers potray in their videos.

Overall Nas I like your album, don't worry about Hip Hop beef and make good music.

Also a new Nas interview some clips below. Full Interview

"To the South's credit, they kept the lights on in hip-hop for at least two years. And I rock with all their records. Hip-hop ain't died because of the South, that's retarded. When I named the album originally, I thought I bit off more than I could chew but you'd be an idiot to think I'm talking about how the South killed hip-hop or how New York isn't where it should be or where it once was. It was like, "Damn, I need to explain this?" But I thought, "Nah, the proof is right there. We should know what it is." I expect the hip-hop audience to be avant garde. I want them to be where I'm at or beyond where I'm at."