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REAL TALK NY: 1-17-07 Today's News

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1-17-07 Today's News

Fabolous Ft. Lil Wayne-Diamonds On My Chain

The RIAA ain't playing games, they arrested DJ Drama & DJ Cannon yesterday, they consficated tens of thousands of bootleg cd's made for sale on the internet. Watch out you may be next. Link

Rocawear is accused of using dog fur. Link

The Source Sends Cease & Desist Letter To Hip Hop Weekly. Link , I got one from soundscan last week.

Common Addresses Haters, "[The Gap Commercial] Is Exposure To A Whole Other Crowd"
Link interviews Dame Dash, here is a exceprt about Jay-Z:

Dame Dash: Again, Jay’s a Black man, an African-American, and I wish any African-American good luck. It’s not diplomacy, it’s about the fact that as a culture, we don’t stick together, and that’s the problem. So even if somebody’s scumbagging me, I’m not gonna scumbag them back. I want that dude to be successful so that he can be another ambassador of our community, so that people can say “Oh, a Black kid did his thing.” I’m not gonna sit there and say what he did... I’m sure in his mind he thought he was right. That’s really where it stays. Me, I'm cut from a different cloth; I'm not like that. Everyone can be cut from any cloth that they want, I just choose to be around people from a cloth like myself.
Full Interview

Latest from The Game's trial for impersonating an officer. Link

Jacob the Jeweler is calling on his celebrity clients to testify as defense witnesses at his upcoming federal money-laundering trial. Link

NeYo is working on his second album. Link

Jamie Foxx says only black people can use the word n****r. Link

Rumors of Whitney trying to exhale with Ray-J. Link