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REAL TALK NY: American Express Presents: Kanye West & Friends

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American Express Presents: Kanye West & Friends

So I'm home not doing much and I check the Hot 97 site. They have a contest to win tickets to a Kanye West concert the same night. I'm in shock because I heard absolutely nothing about it. It turns out tickets for it were free but you needed to have an American Express card. Since I don't have one I quickly hit ebay and got tickets for cheap. So doors open 8, so I got there at 6. The people in front of me were on line since 2:45!!! Wow that's getting a bit out of hand, but well they got front row like they wanted. While waiting online Pharrell came out and was mad cool posing for pictures for everybody, he posed for me for a picture but I messed it up, but I still got a shot of him. So doors opened 8, when we first got in they had DJ AM playing songs for a long time, he was sick with it, as you would expect since he is one of the top DJs in the U.S.
Kanye took forever!!! The show was suppose to start at 9, Kanye didn't get on stage until 10:30. Kanye had an orchestra and two back up singers, it was a nice set, not some bootleg stage for a quick concert. Kanye came out with a big gold chain and started things of with, "Diamonds are Forever." Kanye had a lot of energy and was running around the stage delivering his lyrics with enthusiasm. Kanye kept his energy the whole concert, he followed Diamonds are Forever with, Drug Dealing, Work Out Plan and then Addiction.

After Addiction was performed, there was a small break and people brought out a piano. John Legend then came out and performed, "Ordinary People." Great performance , the whole crowd was singing along, or trying to sing along LOL. Not everyone can sound like John Legend. After Ordinary People, Kanye came back out and they both performed Heard Em Say, another exciting performance. Then the next song was, "They Say," and the Good Music Trilogy was complete when Common came out to do his verse for the song. If you have never seen Common perform I suggest you do, the man performs like he is possessed. He came out and had the crowd screaming and jumping. Things only got more insane when he went on to perform, "Go." The whole crowd was jumping up as Common screamed, "Go Go Go Go Go."
Kanye then continued on doing some songs solo. He performed All Falls Down and Gold Digger. Kanye then started playing some beats, he played Drop it Like Its Hot and then Pharrell came out and performed his verse from the song. Female voices screaming could be heard through out the theater.

Pharrell went on to perform, "Can I have it Like That," followed by,"Frontin." Kanye and Pharrell l then did, "Number One." The pair was enjoying themselves,. Pharrell looked into the crowd at a girl and said I'm coming for you LOL(its in the video). Of course she wasn't a black girl but that's a different subject.
Pharrell then left and Kanye finished of the show performing Jesus Walks, Through the Wire, Spaceship and Touch the Sky. Kanye asked the crowd what they want to hear, he went to my sister and she told him Spaceship. He then performed the first verse rapping to my sister(have proof). People were saying Last call but he said he doesn't know the lyrics. A few times Kanye forgot his lyrics but the crowd wasn't too bothered about it. The concert was amazing, the energy given in the performances could be felt through out the theater. There was no better place in the world to hear, "Good Music."

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Kanye West & Pharrell Performing Number One

Kanye West:Diamonds are Forever,Drug Dealin,Workout Plan Out & Addiction

Kanye West/John Legend/Common:Ordinary People, Heard em Say, They Say

Kanye West/Pharrell/Common:Go,All Falls Down,Gold Digger,Drop it Like its Hot,Like That

Kanye West/Pharrell:Frontin, Number One, Jesus Walks

Kanye West: Through the Wire/Spaceship/Touch the Sky