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REAL TALK NY: Nas Has Become Southern Enemy Number #1

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Nas Has Become Southern Enemy Number #1

Mr.Nasir Jones has seem to outrage the southern segment of Hip Hop with the title of his upcoming album. Nas decided to name his latest release, "Hip Hop is Dead." While rap artist from all over have had comments about the title, the south have taken the title as a direct insult to thier music and style. Several of the top artist from the south have become very verbal about thier dislike about the notion, "Hip Hop is Dead."

With fake quotes taking over the internet, we know for a fact Young Jeezy has some harsh words for Nas stating, "If Nas says Hip Hop is Dead, I Say its Alive, tell him to get at Me(Link) ." Ludacris rocked a shirt saying, "Hip Hop Ain't Dead, It Lives In The South," on an award show for the world to see(Link). Lil Wayne, while not saying anything directly about Nas stated, "“What the f*ck do you mean? If anything it’s reborn.(Link)" Even not so major southern acts express thier anger over the title, Fabo from D4L states:"If everybody mind they own damn business then my momma be aight cause...the only reason why I do this sh**, I don't do it for him. I do it for me and my family and my momma proud of me, not him.(Link)"

Obviously all these comments are coming from only southern artist. Nas saying Hip Hop is Dead while the South has become mainstream is reason enough for the south to be angry. If you say a genre is dead, you will look at who is in control of it and think they are the reason. While many say southern music is just club songs with dumb down lyrics, the south deserves respect for finally blowing up. Did the south hate on the west or east when they dominated? Did the south say Hip Hop is Dead because rappers from the east just talk about drugs and shooting people? There are plenty of cats in the east that are not very lyrical at all, and you can't hate on, "Lean With It," if then support the"Chicken Noodle Soup." I do feel rappers from the east got envious of the south's success and starting making negative comments.

While the south has reason to be angry, they shouldn't be making negative comments. The best thing to do is ignore the critics and keep doing you. The critics aren't the ones signing your checks and most hate on everything. Comments by Jeezy and Lil Wayne seem not well thought out and make them look ignorant. These rappers are falling into the hands of the media. There are plenty of people that want to see a East vs South beef. These people don't care if Hip Hop is Alive or Dead but just want a cover story. If Hip Hop is in fact dying, it will not be because of the south. The only thing killing Hip Hop is a lack of unity, jealosy and the media's constant attempts to kill it.